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Who are the Pondsmiths?

A “smith” is defined as one who makes or works at something specified; one who is the master of his field.  Like a blacksmith, or a coppersmith, or a goldsmith, the Pondsmiths are artisans who are “hands-on” in their given field  -  the creation of natural water features.

We perform all aspects of your water garden creation, from consultation and design, to digging in the dirt, to placement of edge rocks, to the formation of natural pond features and waterfalls, to the full completion of the project.


We put our heart and soul into each job, and we treat each project as if it were being created on our own property.  Let us captivate and enthrall you with our work.  You won’t be able to help yourself from getting excited about the results!


Our primary goal in creating your personal piece of paradise is to completely satisfy you, our client.



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