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Why should I consider a water garden for my property?


Water has an extremely relaxing effect, whether it’s the rhythmic waves of the ocean, a gently running brook, or the quiet beauty of a pond.  While we may be unable to recreate nature’s oceans, we can find pleasure in designing and building garden ponds complete with babbling brooks and rushing waterfalls.


Delight in the peaceful sound of your cascading waterfall, the reflection of the sky on the shimmering surface, the chatter of birds drawn to the water, and the tranquil movement of your fish in the clear water.


Water gardens bring us refreshing coolness on the hottest summer day.  They satisfy our senses with sounds that only water can make.  They delight our eyes with the unsurpassed beauty of colorful water lilies, the glimmering iridescence of fish, and reflections from the sky above.  Water has immense attraction to all people.  For centuries people have enjoyed the beauty of fountains and water gardens in their public squares and private estates.


These images of the reality of a water garden all add to the enchantment and fascination we, as humans, share for water.  While the garden pond offers a welcome respite from a busy world, a water feature also serves as the “natural” focal point to any landscape, whether located in the home garden, a shopping mall, or an office building.


Add the rush of water falling over rocks, or the babbling of a slow-moving stream and see your garden come alive.  All who enter your water garden “zone” are drawn to it.



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